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Google Ads is a potent tool, capable of connecting your business to potential customers at a critical point in their buying journey. Located just across the mountains from Vancouver, our Calgary Google Ads marketing agency, Marketify, is committed to helping you tap into this potential for remarkable results.

Google Ads has emerged as a remarkably efficient channel that can supercharge your business growth with a much higher predictability rate compared to other marketing channels. Marketify, our Calgary-based agency that services the Vancouver area, has a proven history of planning and executing highly profitable campaigns on Google Ads.

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Why Google Ads in Vancouver is the perfect choice for your business?

  1. Exceptionally High User Intent Advertising your business on Google Ads in Vancouver means you’re capitalizing on high user intent. Users on Google are actively searching for specific products or services, making them more likely to convert into customers. With the support of Marketify, our expert Vancouver Google Ads marketing agency, your business will be the top choice for potential customers.
  2. Targeting Capabilities Like No Other Google Ads offers the ability to target your ads with incredible accuracy. Whether by interests, behaviour, income level, location, device, or language, we have the know-how to ensure your ads are reaching the right people at the right time. This level of precision in targeting can result in higher click-through rates, lower costs per click, and ultimately, better ROI.
  3. Transparent and Accurate Results Google Ads provides a transparent way to measure your success and calculate ROI. Our Vancouver-focused Google Ads experts will set up detailed tracking and reporting tools, allowing you to directly link your Google Ads investment with your business revenue. This means no guesswork; you’ll see exactly what results you’re getting for your budget.
  4. Ideal for Any Budget Google Ads is adaptable to any budget, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. Our Google Ads specialists are experienced in marketing Vancouver businesses, and will work with you to ensure you’re getting maximum value from your ad spend.

How Marketify, the Premier Google Ads Agency, Can Propel Your Business?

At Marketify, we focus on:

  • Identifying your target audience to ensure your ads reach potential customers.
  • Competitor analysis to make your ads stand out.
  • Conversion tracking setup for accurate ROI calculation.
  • Creating a variety of ad types, including search, shopping, display, video, local service, and remarketing ads.
  • Ongoing account optimization to ensure top performance.
  • Providing a custom reporting dashboard to monitor your ad performance in real-time.

We prioritize transparent communication, honest feedback, and delivering exceptional results. Our deep understanding of the Vancouver market ensures effective, targeted advertising for local businesses.

Why Marketify is the right choice for your Google Ads in Vancouver?

Since our inception in 2018, Marketify has established itself as a Google Premier Partner and one of Canada’s top agencies. Our team comprises Google-certified specialists who have the expertise to handle all types of ad campaigns.

We have been recognized by Google for delivering extraordinary results:

“Marketify is among the top companies. They’ve set up their clients’ accounts to perform well [and show the] ability to help clients consistently identify new growth opportunities and sustain their success on an ongoing basis.”

Google, 2023

Moreover, as a Premier Partner, we have exclusive access to Google’s premier support team and unique Google Ads betas and tools, which aid in boosting performance.

Whether your business goals involve local or national focus, lead generation or e-commerce, SaaS or increasing store foot traffic, we have the expertise to deliver results.

FAQ about running Google Ads

How much does it cost to run Google Ads? There’s no minimum investment to run Google Ads. We manage budgets ranging from $2,000 to over a million dollars per month. Our management fee is typically a percentage of the managed budget.

Can I expect my ads to be successful overnight? While overnight success is unlikely, most companies begin to see significant performance improvements within 2-3 months of launching a campaign. Our data-driven approach focuses on optimizing your ads to deliver the best possible results.

How will I know if my ads are working? You’ll have access to a 24/7 performance dashboard to monitor your campaign’s performance in real time. We also have regular calls to discuss performance and explain results. Our team of Google Ads specialists is focused on running Google Ads campaigns in Vancouver and is always ready to provide additional information and support.

Will my account be managed by Vancouver-based experts? All of our Google Ads specialists are based in Canada, while we don’t have offices in Vancouver, your account will be managed by a senior Calgary-based team that possesses the expertise and experience necessary to help your business thrive online.

Are there any long-term contracts or commitments? We offer a month-to-month contract with a 3-month initial term. This initial term is necessary as it usually takes a couple of months for companies to start seeing significant improvements in performance. After the initial term, you’re free to cancel at any time, but we’re confident that you’ll want to continue working with us as we help your business grow.

Is Google Ads a good fit for your business? If you recognize that advertising on Google is an investment, not a cost, and you’re committed to investing in it as a means of achieving business success, then yes! We’re confident that we’ll make an excellent team if you have clear business goals, are open to testing new strategies, and view us as an extension of your team.

Ready to take your Google Ads to the next level? Let’s work together to achieve your business goals!

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