Digital Marketing for Home Builders: 5 Strategies to Increase Sales

Home building is a dynamic and growing field. It’s this growth that is making it harder for contractors, home-builders, and the like to cut through the noise and get noticed by their target audience. That’s where digital marketing comes in.

Digital marketing for home builders is a surefire way to gain brand awareness and increase sales. Here are five strategies that work.

1. Email Marketing

One of the best ways to connect with your customers is by email marketing. It’s a strong medium of digital marketing that allows you to communicate premium offers, one-time deals, and event invitations with your customer base. Email marketing has one of the highest ROIs out there. In fact, investments of just $1 are seeing a return of $36 on average.

It’s important that you take a multi-faceted approach with email marketing. Consider including a monthly newsletter, upcoming events, promotions, and even tips for new homeowners.

Keep in mind that there are proven techniques that optimize emails for the highest conversion. Readability, imagery, call-to-action, and (most importantly) the subject line all play a key role in enticing someone to click.

2. SEO

Another great way to boost the sales of your home building business is to start working on SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization–essentially, it’s getting as high in the results pages on search engines as possible.

A thing to note about SEO is that it is a long-term commitment. It can take up to a year before you start seeing meaningful results, so it’s especially important to stay patient and committed to improving your SEO. However, once you do start seeing progress, it’s a snowball effect that works directly in your favor. A few things you can do to start improving SEO:

  • Incorporate keywords into your website content. Say you want to rank for the search term “Home Builders in New York.” You should start including that specific string of words in your website titles, subtitles, and copy so that Google knows that you offer that kind of service.
  • Start link-building. This is the process of securing links to your website from other authoritative pages. It builds your credibility with Google, letting it know that you are a leading source of information on this topic. A great place to start is putting your information on home-builder directories and local organizations like the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Produce consistent content. Writing a few articles about the best home layouts or what to look for in a home builder is great, but it must be consistent for search engines to deem you a credible source. You should aim to create new articles at least twice per month.

3. Optimize Your Site

A powerful way to increase your home-building sales is to begin optimizing your website. Not only can this drastically improve the user’s experience when interacting with your brand, but it can also help boost your SEO for search rankings.

Aside from onsite SEO (like the examples from above), optimizing your website is useful because it directly improves the user’s experience. The goal is to hook the customer into your business. Consider the following:

  • Site Speed– Responsiveness is key when it comes to retaining consumers online. If your website (both desktop and mobile) takes longer than 3 seconds to load you lose over half of your visitors. Half a second load time is ideal.
  • Readability– Eliminate the jargon. Create short, concise, clear sentences that let visitors know exactly what you do and who you are.
  • Navigation– Making your website easy to explore elongates the time they will spend on your site, increasing the chances of them converting.

Pro Tip: Consider adding blueprints to your website of houses that can be built, or floor plans of former homes that you’ve sold. This helps build credibility and is a built-in testimonial of the work you can do.

4. Market on Social Media

With the wide-ranging use of social media, it’s a great resource for connecting with potential clients. Facebook, in particular, is great for home-builders. With the average Facebook user spending nearly 2.5 hours on the platform daily, it’s important that your brand is there for them to find. And you have numerous options. Through Facebook you can:

  • Boost posts – Even a small amount behind each boost can help to put you in the algorithm of more people.
  • Create a paid ad campaign – This allows you to target specific groups of people to improve the likelihood that your posts reach a viable consumer.
  • Conduct A/B testing – Create two similar ads with one component different to see which one is more effective. Try out different headings, images, and call to actions to see what combination of elements yields the best results.

5. Invest in Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

PPC ads are an advertising method where businesses pay every time someone clicks on their ad. After googling a question or topic you’ve likely noticed that the first three results have “ad” written by them. Those are companies that are targeting that exact keyword. And they only pay if someone clicks.

This can be an extremely effective way to increase customers, especially in your local area. With that said, much like social media ads, there must be a strategy behind them. For the most effective results, you should be targeting the best keywords, A/B testing, and even consider creating a landing page to increase conversions once they do click. That’s why you may consider expert help.

Expert Guidance

PPC ads are a pivotal part of digital marketing for home builders. With that said, they are most effective when combined with the other strategies listed. And even more beneficial when you have someone helping you who has been there. That’s where Martketify comes in.

Marketify is a digital marketing agency that knows exactly how to strategize your campaign. They have a small team of industry experts that understand how to implement these strategies to accomplish your unique goals. They aim to produce powerful results that align with your business, giving you one-on-one attention every step of the way.

Let them take these tedious tasks off your hands and formulate a successful campaign that will elevate your business and increase sales.

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