Scale your business with
profitable digital advertising

To be profitable, ad campaigns must be better than anything else out there. Usually, this means they must be created by top-notch professionals through the usage of proven marketing techniques. Luckily, our team is among Canada’s best advertising agencies.

We build ad campaigns that focus on your complete customer journey and enable you to accurately track revenue. By letting you know exactly how profitable your campaigns are, we make it easy to scale your company profitably and quickly.

What makes digital advertising an excellent marketing channel for your business?

High user intent

Your ads will be seen only by the right people: those who show intent or are otherwise likely to become your customers. No more spending money advertising to those who’ll never buy.

Competitive space

This is a competition between you, and all the other companies that provide similar services. A well-executed ad strategy will help ensure you end up on top, and not your competitors.

Budget constraints

Digital ads make it easy to compete with giants. No matter what your budget is, we’ll create effective ads that result in revenue and enable you to compete as an equal on the global stage.

What problems do we excel at solving?

You don’t know how to scale your
business (or how to do it faster)

You’re great at what you do, we are great at helping you do more of that. Our team has helped companies grow from early stages to millions of dollars in revenue.

Over the last five years, we perfected the recipe and now, scaling business using digital ads is something we’re both experienced in and are very good at.

You are not sure what works and what doesn’t

Good news – you’re not alone, it’s a pretty common problem to have.

Bad news – if you don’t know what works, you are most certainly wasting your ad budget on things that don’t work.

In fact, it’s believed that 68% of the advertising budget worldwide is spent on irrelevant traffic that will never convert. We are one of Canada’s top PPC agencies, and we know how to fix the issue.

You are not satisfied with the ROI
you are getting right now

You invest in marketing – and you want to see results. It’s obvious!

If you’re running an awesome company and got great products that make people’s lives better, but you’re struggling to achieve high ROI – get in touch. We can build an efficient strategy and implement ad campaigns that will shatter your ROI expectations.

The digital advertising options

We work with the world’s best ad platforms. This gives us the flexibility to use the right channels that will have the most significant impact on your business growth.

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Re-engage visitors

The different remarketing (also know as retargetting) options allow your ads to reach potential customers who already had some interaction with your brand.

This may include audiences like e-commerce cart abandoment ads, people who downloaded a guide on your website, visitors of specific pages, and more.

Beautiful imagery sells

Getting your products on Instagram means your carefully designed ads will appear natively as customers scroll their feed. Appearing along side some of the world’s best brands and the celebrities your target audience follows helps build trust and brand awareness.

Instagram is among the most widely used social networks, and is used by 51% of Canadians.

B2B outreach paradise

Since LinkedIn is primarily a professional network, the ads the work best on it tend to be business related. We’ve seen great success using LinkedIn to promote company’s that offer products and services to other companies.

LinkedIn also offers powerful targeting options that allow you to target your ideal customers using information such as their job title and the name of the company they work for.

Strong secondary channel

Microsoft Ads is a wonderful supplementary channel that, just like Google Ads, enables your business to meet potential customers when they are actively looking for products and services.

If you’re just starting out, you probably don’t need it. But if you’re already advertising on Google Ads, it’s possible that Microsoft can get you the extra traffic (and revenue) for a better price.

The new kid on the block

Toktok is taking the world by storm. These short, catchy, and entertainning videos helped quickly establish Tiktok as one of the world’s most popular social media platforms.

Tiktok is primarily used by the younger generation, and the majority of Canadians age 18-34 use the platform.

Everybody loves video

YouTube is loved by millions for the entertaining and educational content on the platfrom. Since it’s owned by Google, the YouTube platform has access to all the same info Google has.

With such powerful targeting capabilities, your ads can be shown to potential customers based on who they are, what they like, or even specific content they are watching on YouTube.

Reach high-intent users

Google Ads enables your business to meet potential customers when they are actively looking for the products and services you provide.

This is one of the most efficient pay-per-click channels because the demand is already there. Customers are actively looking to address their needs, and your ads make finding a solution simple for them

Your business needs to stand out. To do that,
you need an agency that stands out by your side.

Award-winning & highly rated

Awards, 5-star reviews, our unique Google Premier Partner status (we’re one of the few Canadian agencies to hold it), and more.

You can sleep tight knowing your business is in good hands.

Industry-leading team

Our team consists of top-notch specialists. Each member is highly qualified in a different field of marketing, so there’s an expert for everything!

Calgary based

While we have team member across Canada and the US, we are primarily a Calgary-based, locally-owned marketing agency.

Frequently asked

My business is unique, will you know how to promote it?

Absolutely. Our team has years of experience managing advertising campaigns for different industries. We spent the last five years, perfecting our system. In the unlikely event that we have never worked with an industry or business similar to yours – we’ll still know exactly what to do.

How will I evaluate the effectiveness of your ads?

We are huge believers in transparency. Since Marketify is a data-driven marketing agency at its core, when we start working with you we set up accurate data tracking systems to help us evaluate performance and make better decisions. Besides the regular reports and calls with the team, you will also have access to custom dashboards where you can review all the data.

How much does it cost?

Digital advertising costs are typically a combination of a base monthly fee and a percentage of your advertising budget. This system is the fairest because as your account (and business!) grows, it becomes harder to manage your campaigns. The minimum service fee for small accounts is $500 per month.

How quickly can you start?

It depends on the size of your account, the complexity of the business, how well you know your business and audience, and the quality of your existing setup. Assuming that everything is in order and we are not required to rebuild your fundamentals, we usually start implementing changes within 1-2 weeks.

Are you a good fit for digital advertising?

Our experience thought us that the most successful companies we work with have some qualities in common. If you can answer “Yes!” to all or most of the below statements, we’ll be an awesome fit.

  1. You understand that advertising is an investment, not a cost, and you are willing to invest in it to ensure business success.
  2. You have offline data to share with us about who your customers are, and how your products are performing.
  3. You believe we are on your side, and you’ll see us as an extension of your team. We’re in it together!
  4. You’re flexible in your approach and you’d work with us to test different marketing tactics, ads, strategies, and landing pages.
  5. You have clear goals and objectives. To be able to reach the finish line, we need to know where we are going.

Ready to grow your business with ads?